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Lucky Patcher Latest Version 6.4.1 APK Free Download

Lucky Patcher Latest Version APK is the best android tools for removing annoying ads.Lucky Patcher Latest Version APK track all the apps on your mobile. Analyze them , and and show you the activity you do with those app with lucky patcher. Also find out the possibility of removing license verification of any app.

lucky patcher authority ‘Netbew ChelpuS’ just released another version of this app for android. You just used the latest version of lucky patcher. Previous version was just to fix some bugs. Well this version also not so different from the previous. Same changes they just retouched it.this version has more function also added many more patches.Lucky Patcher APK is now more helpful and easy to hack any android apps & games.

So remove the license verification of the Google play store apps. Change the permission, extract and create an apk file to do backups. It also removes the Google ads. And sometimes you may able to unlock some paid apps with it.

See all your installed apps, manage them. Well lucky patcher interface is very easy. I know you know it. Every action is indicated by color.

Basically Lucky Patcher Latest Version is not designed for cracking purposes. But some of its features can manipulate the apps to block their unwanted ads in your device.

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Package Name: com.android.vending.billing.InAppBillingService.LACK

Author: Chelpus

App Version: 6.3.9

Update: 17-12-2016

App size: 6.21 MB

Category: File Management

Language: English

Minimum Requirement: Android2.2 or up

License : Free

Security Level: 96% safe

Lucky Patcher Latest Version APK Features:

Deactivate ads

Remove license verification

Modify the associated permission

Remove Google ads

Create Apk backup file, also store them

Unlock paid apps, also install them in the device

Detect the originality of an app

Use colors to show the compatibility of an app

Custom patching option is available

This app is more secure and protected

Many more tools are available

Fully free apps

Also backup your apps and games into SD card

Screenshot :

Lucky Patcher Latest Version

Its frequent updates indicate that’s how proactive this app is. Update means it getting some issues from its users. That’s why developer try to solve this and come up with new error free version. Also copying up with the new apps is very important.

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