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Коксующийся уголь

Российский полутвердый коксующийся уголь торгуется на уровне $238 с условиями поставки CFR Китай (стоимость и фрахт)...интересно...ждём контрактовки цен за первый квартал 2017...цена на пятницу HCC Peak Downs Region HCCGA00 $311.50

Singapore—The Asia-Pacific coking coal market saw spot prices

remaining steady Friday as most participants appeared to be waiting

on the sidelines.

Premium low vol HCC was assessed unchanged at $310/mt FOB

Australia Friday. In the prime hard market, bid-offer indications for

Australian premium mid-vol HCC with 66-69% CSR were at $300-$315/

mt FOB Australia. This was for a Panamax cargo for December laycan.

Participants said the price spread between a typical premium midvol

coal cargo, such as BMA’s Goonyella or Anglo American’s Moranbah

North HCCs and premium low-vol coals like BMA’s Saraji was around

$3-$6/mt. This was due to at least three spot cargoes of premium

mid-vol coals being available in the market as compared to almost

none for premium low-vol coals.

On the buy side, there was some “nervousness” to procure on a

spot basis as prices were seen to have hit their peak, one trader said.

“No one will pull the trigger straight away,” and make a spot purchase,

the source added. Hence, most of the buyers were trying to look at

first-quarter price negotiations for direction.

There was interest in the Asian market outside China, for Mongolian

coals. A 50,000 mt spot cargo of Mongolian coal with 60-65% CSR and

9.5-9.8% ash, was heard traded at a premium, on an FOB China floating

price basis, using the Platts HCC 64 CFR China index.

“It is the norm now for Mongolian coals to be based on a CFR China

basis with a premium, even though the sale is on an FOB basis,” one

Tangshan trader said. “I have heard that buyers have to bear Chinese

export taxes at times,” he added. The export tax for hard coking coal

from China now stands at 3%.

In China, the local government in Hebei province ordered steel and

coke makers in Shijiazhuang to halt operations due to high pollution rates.

There was still some spot appetite, with a 20,000 mt cargo of

Russian semi-hard coking coal, with 44-46% CSR and 16-18% VM,

heard traded at $238/mt CFR China Thursday. This was for a late

November laycan.

In the futures market, there was a deal done Friday for the Q1 2017

contract at $265/mt. The trade was for 15,000 mt, done on the Chicago

Mercantile Exchange and based on Platts Premium Low Vol FOB

Australia assessment.

— Edwin Yeo, Jebsen Seo

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